WTRSCCA, Day Events

Times & Order of Events

Setup & Track Layout - 7:00 to 8:00 AM the day of the event. *

We start setting up booths, tables, and track layout first thing in the morning. Once course layout is complete, we walk it a few times and adjust as necessary. Please join us if you can! If you'd like to help us set up, you will definitely know the track better!

Tech Opens - 7:30am

All participants are required to pass our tech inspection. The Tech area will be clearly marked with a sign.

Registration & Check-In - 8:00am **

Please check in with the timer tent. If you have pre-registered, you will be added to a run group at this time. If you haven't pre-registered, you will be required to register online before being added to the run groups.

Drivers Meeting - 8:30am

This is mandatory to participate in the event. This will be at the main timer tent. If you aren't there for the drivers meeting, you will not get to run. No exceptions!

First Car On Track - 9:00am ***

Run group A will run first. If you're in Run Group B, you'll need to be working the track or be in your assigned position.

Tear Down & Clean Up

After the last run is complete, we will stack cones into the trailer and tear down the timers and the tents. Please stick around and help. Everything goes much faster when everyone helps.

Trophy Presentation

After cleanup is completed, we will give out trophies to the best drivers in each class. Classes may be bumped together, if necessary, to create a class of at least 2 people. Stick around and see who was fastest!

* Everyone is welcome to help set up the course. Be there on time to help set up. You will get to walk/learn the course before anyone else, which means you will drive the course FASTER!
We recommend that you walk the course a minimum of 2 or 3 times.

** Online registration!
Click on the registration link for the event located on the schedules page and pre-register.
You will need to let us know when you check-in that you pre-registered. If you are an SCCA member, please make sure to fill in your member number when you register.

*** All competitors are required to work at some time during the event. If you sign up to compete, then you'll be expected to work, so please do not leave after you've completed your runs. You will receive your work assignment when you register or during the driver's meeting. For most people, work assignments consist of picking up and replacing cones on the course that another car might have displaced.
Our events are run completely on a volunteer basis. Nobody gets paid to work at these events, so please do your part and fulfill your work assignment duties.

**** WTR SCCA reserves the right to limit the number of runs due to high participation, delays, weather, etc. We may also limit runs if we can complete the day without taking a lunch break.